Michael Tulipan headshot loI have been writing my whole life in one way or another. My writing actually started in my head when I was a boy, long before every kid had a laptop and an iPhone. Watching and falling in love with the golden age of Hollywood blockbusters like Raiders of the Lost Ark and Star Wars, I would construct entire plots in my mind, mini-movies that, to me at least, seemed to be often superior to what I saw on screen as their sequels appeared. Then one day I was grown-up enough to make a career decision. Was I still going to be a lawyer? Heck no! I was off to Film School (NYU) to be a screenwriter. If only I knew then what I know now.

The history of a writer is failure and rejection, followed by brushing yourself off and starting all over again. At the end, vindication if and when you sell a story, a novel or a play. I had a great mentor at NYU (the late Bennett Sims) who maybe was a bit too easy on my ideas, was named a semi-finalist in some regional screenplay competition whose name I forget, and even had a screenplay represented by William Morris of Hollywood! For about a week. Then it was dead. Apparently Daddy Day Care was a much better prospect at that time. (Here is my blog entry about the experience.)

Years later, after slumming through various “video jobs” – the NYC premiere satellite broadcast of the motion picture How High being a particular high point – I wound up as a partner in a Food PR company. And falling in love with travel. So I started a travel website TheSavvyExplorer for stylish travelers on a budget. This gave me a platform and led to writing assignments with The New York Times, AM New York, Wine Enthusiast, Chilled Magazine and more. You can see some of this work on my portfolio page.

I haven’t given up on fiction as you will see on the page bearing that catch-all title. I have finished one novel After Empire (7 drafts), one play The Storm (4 drafts) and am in the process of writing two other novels, a screenplay and of course lots of wine, booze and travel stories. You could say I stay busy.

Feel free to drop me a line on my contact page. I will be blogging about writing, the process, how things are going, and really whatever strikes my fancy. Expect me to be blunt and honest. Good writing demands as much.