After Empire

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After Empire asks a chilling question: what would happen if right-wing militias used Muslim extremists as part of a violent plot to take control of the government and what if you knew the very existence of the country was at stake – could you stop it?

This action-packed thriller, inspired by our current supercharged political environment, opens with two seemingly unrelated events: a brazen robbery at a National Guard armory and a murder at the National Press Club in Washington, DC. Overseeing the murder investigation is FBI Agent Tom Reynolds, a man whose devotion to his job threatens to upend his marriage. He teams up with White House terrorism expert Roger Cross, who is hiding a devastating health secret from both the President and his former fiancée, Anna Dunnings, a Pulitzer-prize winning war correspondent suddenly back in his life. To help answer the threat posed by the attack on the armory, retired U.S. Marine James Newton is recruited by a controversial top secret new security agency.

These two events are merely the opening salvos of a much wider plot. Behind them is a group of well-funded anti-government terrorists who call themselves the 1787 Militia. After their brazen assault on FBI headquarters in Washington D.C. and coordinated terror attacks across the country, the President rolls out the previously classified RRF force, a 10,000-strong brigade charged with maintaining order after acts of terrorism.

As the bewildering, seemingly random attacks continue to unfurl, Reynolds and Cross race to prevent the ultimate barrage, threatening to destroy the very heart of the United States of America. The chilling final scenes show the true cost of our past military adventurism and the tragic unintended consequences that result.

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